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Connecting Jewish kids with each other while exploring Jewish traditions and values in a fun environment.
Our Youth

When it comes to our youth, the Chabad-Lubavitch philosophy is simple: Education is not limited to the hours a child sits in a classroom, but must become a way of life.

Through an exciting mix of hands-on programming, children in at Chabad learn the importance of kindness and good deeds, and experience fun and interactive programs about Jewish history, holidays and practices.

Private Tutoring
Tutoring with a caring, loving, and open-minded staff who works to instill in the students a pride and love of Judaism and the Jewish culture. Lessons are fun and motivating and cater to each child’s level. Call 373-1118 to learn more about this service.
Upcoming events
Sep. 20, 2019
Music & Movement with Andrea, Challah Baking & Shabbat Sing-a-long
Sep. 21, 2019
Join us for services with Rabbi Shlame Landa in a warm, friendly atmosphere. Our nonjudgmental philosophy embraces everyone, regardless of commitment or religious background. Services are held ...
Sep. 22, 2019
Sep. 22, 2019
Leaving from Chabad of Fairfield @ 3:00pm. Dinner/Farbrengen @ Kosher restaurant in Queens following Ohel. Our Sages declare that the Righteous are even greater after their passing than ...