Torah Factory is a great workshop in preparation for the holiday of Shavuot. 
This hands-on workshop is about the ancient art of biblical calligraphy and scroll making, Skilled craftsmen will show the participants the basic elements of producing klaf (parchment), making scribes ink, and fashioning quills.  Participants in the Torah Factory (age 8 and older), have the opportunity to prepare raw hides into parchment, learn how to whittle a goose feather into a quill, and mix basic ingredients like carbon into ink.  Students then have the thrill of writing the ancient Hebrew letters with their own quills  - on the hand-made parchment and creating their own take-home souvenirs.
This exciting workshop traces the ancient history of writing, from cave writing, hieroglyphics, Egyptian tablets, papyrus and culminating with the development of parchment writing which has preserved the holy Bible for civilization throughout the ages.  

Ideally, up to 40 participants can be accommodated for each presentation of this workshop, however, we can tailor the workshops to fit your needs.
The suggested age range is from third grade and upwards.  No previous background is necessary but class preparation is helpful.
A new original video featuring renowned Sofrim (Jewish ritual calligraphers) and scrollmakers working at their craft is also available for in class viewing the week before the workshop. Student preview of the video is highly recommended.
For younger audiences, a new multi-media presentation titled "Celebration of the Torah" in preparation for the holiday of Shavuot covers the story of the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai.  Simply but vividly, this presentation describes the process of making a Torah scroll as well as the universal connection of the Torah to the Jewish people as a nation.  The program will be traveling to Hebrew schools and day schools weekdays and Sundays through the end of the school year.
This entertaining and educational audio-visual production is guaranteed to enhance any classroom's Shavuot curriculum.

To the Organizer:
The Traditional Crafts of the Jewish People workshop sessions are the perfect opportunity to invite parents to participate in these educational hands-on programs for a generation connecting experience.