The Show
Participants help create a kosher shofar. The horn is cured, sawed, drilled and Polished. O
nce their shofar is completed, students learn how to sound it and practice the traditional sequence of notes blown on Rosh Hashana. A slide show about Rosh Hashana adds to the fun.
Optional for older children and adults:
Up to 20 participants may each make their own shofar!

Mainly on tour in August at camps and September at schools. Occasionally available by special request at other times.

Presentation Duration:
Standard presentation: 50 minutes
Under 1st Grade: 30 minutes
Do It Yourself Workshop: Each group of up to 25 participants can finish a shofar in 45-60 minutes

Audience size:
Standard presentation: up to 60
Under 1st Grade: up to 30

Age group:
The Shofar Factory presentation: can often be modified to be presented to audiences from the very young to the young at heart.
Do It Yourself Workshop: Limited by safety considerations, maturity level, and manual dexterity of the participants.

To the Organizer:
The Traditional Crafts of the Jewish People workshop sessions are the perfect opportunity to invite parents to participate in these educational hands-on programs for a generation connecting experience.