Please join us for "Late-Night Learning" for the Holiday of Shavuot!

Saturday Night, June 8

10:00 pm - Midnight 
@ Chabad of Fairfield

10:00 PM: The Sinai Experience
The Ten Commandments communicate God’s message to mankind for all generations. But why these ten? Discover how the Ten Commandments encapsulate timeless and unexpected wisdom, changing how we view ourselves, our relationships, and our world.

The circumstances surrounding the birth of King David remain obscure. Legend has it that Nitzeves endured great personal sacrifice in mothering the Sweet Singer of Israel. How is this chapter in King David’s life understood through the lenses of Torah scholarship?

Coffee, tea & an array of refreshments served.

3331 years ago, we received the Torah at Mt. Sinai and we re-live this experience each year on Shavuot. There is an ancient Jewish custom to stay up the night of Shavuot in study - What better way to prepare and show our excitement for the Torah.