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►Chabad's Inaugural Lamplighter Celebration
►Chabad of Fairfield Appreciation Report - Spring 2019
►Chabad of Fairfield Appreciation Report - Summer 2018

I want to thank you and Miriam so much for teaching our entire family and being such a part of this Simcha. My entire family so enjoyed spending this Shabbas with your family. I thought I would sleep like a rock but my mind keeps replaying the service, dancing and the look in my sons eyes as he stepped away from the Torah after completing his parsha.
Again thank you all so much

Shlame, you were my life sanity, that first night, when ___ was put on life support. You were there. You let me cry and talk and be stupid and you were just THERE, and I didn't have to face those first hours alone, seeing my husband on life support. I will forever be grateful to you for that. And to you, Miriam, for letting him leave you at home with the kids, so he could be there at the time I needed someone the most. To follow along with your theme this two were the glowing light in what could've been our darkest hours. We are so grateful. Hashem should shine His light on you and all your loved ones, and be there for you, supporting you and reminding you that you are never alone!!!